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6 Best Theme Niche APK for WordPress Template 2023

If you want to build and run a website about niche android apps or android games, then I suggest you use the WordPress Platform. because wordpress uses a lot of themes and plugins that are provided free of charge.

This time I share a theme that is widely used by android application sites or android games, because the theme from Exthemes Dev that is used is very light and fast and easy to use, especially novice users, what are the themes that are light and fast, let’s see the list.

Top 6 Best Most Fastest and Lightweight APK Template for WordPress on 2023

Top 6 Best Most Fastest and Lightweight APK Template for WordPress on 2023

1. An1

An1 Theme

An1 Theme is indeed the most unique because the an1 is the coolest, the features of this an1 theme are that it supports rtl, dark mode, responsive, and many more. you can check on

2. Moddroid

Moddroid Theme

Moddroid Theme is indeed the most widely used because it is very fast and easy, looks cool and bootstrap and is responsive. you can check on

3. 5play

5play Theme

5play Theme looks cool and is very fast, the 5play theme is responsive, and supports rtl, already has a dark mode. you can check on

4. Apkmody

Apkmody Theme

Apkmody Theme is very light and fast so maybe we use it, the apkmody theme features are the best and it’s worth a try. you can check on

5. Techbigs

Techbig Theme

Techbig Theme has the most unique appearance, don’t get me wrong because I can see that among other themes, the features of the techbigs theme are quite complete. you can check on

6. Apkdone

Apkdone Theme

Apkdone Theme is the most widely used legendary theme, because it is very light and so fast. you can check on


If you are interested in the list of themes above, you can visit the official website from

So, that’s a list of the best-selling apk themes in 2022 – 2023, if you think there’s one that’s faster and lighter than the theme above, you can add it in the comments column.


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